Client Reviews


Mark is the Man when it comes to the swing!

Ron Vaughn
Clarkston, MI
for: Coaching

If you need help with your swing...Mark is the guy! I've been to several coaches in the past.  The best thing about Mark is that he makes things simple. Yes...simple.  This game is difficult, as I'm sure most of you would agree! Not only does he know how the swing works, but he knows the clubs in your bag! Now this really comes into play with your swing. When was the last time you saw a coach and he checked out what was in your bag? This makes a difference in your swing and how the ball comes off of your club. Now that makes sense to me.  He may not be a fit for you, but he's worth a visit for sure!

Great Results

Joe Longo
Clarkston, Mi
for: Coaching

I am 80 years old and have always hit between 90 and 95. After spending time with Mark and acquiring the right shafts and grips I broke 40 and 90 for the first time in 55 years of playing. 
I believe I can consistently break 90 and I owe it all to Mark. I would suggest to everyone that they spend several hours with Mark so you can really get to enjoy the game more.  I wish I could have met Mark when I was 40. 
Thanks Mark

Expertise for any and all golf club fittings!

Bloomfield, MI
for: a Club and Swing Assessment

Knowledgeable/integrity/friend-  these are a few things about Mark that make him a great person to know and work with.  I am much appreciative for this!
He can help to transform your swing into the way you always envisioned.  He really cares and his knack for fitting  all ages and abilities is remarkable.   Thank you Mark!!  



Awesome experience!!

Oxford, MI
for: a Club and Swing Assessment

I took an 18 year break from golf and decided to play again. A friend of mine referred me to Mark after seeing my 21 year old clubs and said I had to update my bag to something modern and appropriate for my game. After a couple hours with Mark he knew exactly what equipment I needed and gave me some great tips to improve my swing. After receiving the new set of clubs I could not believe the difference they made. I am a lot more confident with my game and will continue using Mark for golf coaching.

Best and first fitting ever!

Steve O
Hadley, Michigan
for: a Club and Swing Assessment

I have know Mark for over 20 years. Never has he once pushed any equipment on me whatsoever. I went to him recently because my swing has changed over the last several years. I experienced a 200 lb weight loss and needed some serious help.  I always thought I was doing things right, that could not have been more farther from the truth. Mark spent time with me, made some major changes in my complete swing, setup, etc.  I finally decided to stop buying clubs from shows and the internet.  I broke down and had him overhaul my complete bag!  I could not be more happier than I am now. My wife and step son are next! Thanks Mark for giving me the equipment and for sharing your knowledge of the sport and it's s many angles. I'm hitting the ball like I was 25 again. Thanks, Steve O

Best man in the game

Brendan fick
Saint Clair shores, Mi
for: a Club and Swing Assessment

I had terrible built clubs, and a below average swing. Mark knew what was going on from just seeing one swing, got me in the right shafts which made it easier for me to swing and it added 30 yards to every club. He explained everything very clearly, he is a great coach and I would recommend going to mark for anything golf related!

thanks again mark!

Experienced and Patient

Eric VanBrienen
Clinton twp, Michigan
for: Coaching

Quite a memorable experience. I learned more in 1 day than I've learned in the 25 years I've been playing. I've applied what I learned and my game is proof! My ball flight is where it needs to be and my mechanics are better. Causing all kinds of problems with members in my league ( losing $$) Mark is quite capable of fixing your swing as well. All you have to do is listen and follow the instructions and you to  can be playing from the short grass.

Thanks again Mark

Keep them in the fairway!

Experienced and Patient

Eric VanBrienen
Clinton twp, Michigan
for: Coaching

Quite a memorable experience. I learned more in 1 day than I've learned in the 25 years I've been playing. I've applied what I learned and my game is proof! My ball flight is where it needs to be and my mechanics are better. Causing all kinds of problems with my league members. ( losing $$) Mark is very quite capable of fixing your swing as well. All you have to do is listen and follow the instructions and you to  can be playing from the short grass.

Thanks again Mark

Keep them in the fairway!

Experienced and Patient

Eric VanBrienen
Clinton twp, Michigan
for: Coaching

Quite a memorable experience. I learned more in 1 day than I've learned in the 25 years I've been playing. I've applied what I learned and my game is proof!

Great experience

Grand Blanc, MI
for: a Club and Swing Assessment

Mark has been very helpful in transforming my golf swing as well as educating me on the clubs, shafts, grips and even the type of ball that I should be using. He built me a complete set that is tailored to my new swing. The swing adjustments seem minor, but have had spectacular results. I'm consistently hitting the ball 20 yards further and straighter after just a few weeks. Mark takes the time to explain "why" when he is recomending the adjustments. 

I was typically scoring around 100. After working with Mark for less than a month, I am now scoring in the mid 80's. I can't wait to go out and play my next round. 

Thanks again Mark.

Best in golf

Ben Duff
Lake Orion, Michigan
for: a Club and Swing Assessment

I met Mark through a customer wanting to turn a garage into a golf pro shop. Mark would be the guy occupying and using the shop for club fitting lessons etc.   Timing was perfect as I was just looking for a set of clubs and looking for someone to help with my golf game.  Long story short Mark would be the guy.  We met numerous times working on basics to determine what clubs would be best for me. Mark took the time to show and teach me enough in a short period of time and give e the best understanding on the basics of golf taking an easy 10 strokes off my score right from the start . using and applying what I was taught. Best thing about Mark is his knowledge of the game and working with you to maximize what he sees capable and then applying it on the course.  Being an honest straight forward guy is what I needed and he was that. Mark doesn't miss a beat answering all calls and questions and never hesitates to listen and work with you on whatever that might be. I continue to work and call on Mark today to help my golf game out and will continue in the future. I would look no further as I'm 100 percent satisfied on how he explains things and how to apply those things on the course

Best In The Business

Columbus, OH
for: a Corporate Golf Clinic

I was introduced to Mark in 2020 by a friend and mutual colleague. Since that time, Mark has conducted numerous golf clinics for our company's most trusted clients and professional relationships. Based on our experiences and the feedback we've received from those who attended previously- There's no greater compliment than to say we are continuing to work exclusively with Mark for these types of clinics moving forward. Through his experience, knowledge of the game, and of course his incredible sense of humor- I can say with 100% confidence that you will undoubtedly see improvements in your golf game and that your professional relationships become stronger as a result of these clinics. 


Cam Skiba
Lake Orion, Michigan
for: Coaching

I had quite a few issues in my swing while being a solid 10 handicap. I had learned to adapt to my swing until Mark came over to help me out. The stuff he showed me is the process just blew my mind how deep into a golf swing you can go for the best outcome possible. I also got a club fitting from mark since I have never had clubs fit to my swing since I load a shaft a little too much for a standard club. Overall the experience was amazing and Mark is an awesome person who has a great expansion of knowledge to add to your golf world.  

And please everyone who reads this: DO NOT go to Carl’s golfland, miles of golf, club champion, dicks sporting goods, or any other place to get fitted because it’s just highway robbery. I have experienced it too many times and I take my friends who got messed up by those companies and skinned for a ton of money to Mark and they say they have never been happier with their clubs fitted the correct way! 

Thanks to Mark for being the offspring of the golf gods (Mark you know what I mean) 

Better golf with Parfit

Romeo, MI
for: Coaching

I met Mark about 5 years ago when I was looking to upgrade my bag. After meeting with him a couple of times I could already see the difference in my swing. Also getting the right clubs for my skill level and swing has been a great improvement.  It has been a real pleasure getting to know him and working with him through the years. 5 stars all the way for Parfit!! "Don't forget to turn"

Passionate Golf Professional

Bob Pollock
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
for: Coaching

Mark was referred to me by a mutual friend  who raved over his coaching prowess.  I have not been disappointed!  Mark has far exceeded any expectations I had regarding a golf coach/student relationship.  Mark truly cares about my progress and has worked tirelessly to help me bring back my game after a 20 year hiatus.  In addition to coaching, Mark has provided custom club fitting that would be difficult to duplicate in all but the most exclusive settings.  Thanks Mark for all you do!

They will give Butch Harmon and David Ledbetter a run for there money

Sterling Heights, MI
for: Coaching

Huge help to my game!! Haven’t played this good in a long time!! Club fitting is an awesome experience!

I've seen the light

John Gentile
Tucson, AZ
for: Coaching

It has taken me much too long to realize how much time I have wasted going to Dicks, Carl's and even Club Champion. Here are some examples of wrong fittings from these so called Specialist ! Can you imagine a 46 inch driver, irons that where 3 degrees off and redoing shafts that added to my golf issues. I meet Mark years ago through a company golf outing. Later that year we played a round of golf with another business associate. After playing a few holes Mark told me I had a LOFT problem, not knowing his sense of humor. Was my swing to steep or too flat?  Eager for the answer, Mark replied " Lack Of F&$!#%g Talent. I still didn't fully understand how good he is at what he does. Over the years reading too many golf magazines, buying golf CD's, going to the so called Pro's at the above mentioned stores. Save your money, spend it with Mark and your game will improve. I'm 71 now, I score in the low 80's for 18 and high 30's for 9 holes. Still play from the whites, occasionally from the blues, never the gold. Enjoy the game don't make it like work.

Best Golf Experience You’ll Ever Have

Manny Goldstein
Almont, Michigan
for: a Club and Swing Assessment

Mark has been a complete game changer for me as a coach who spends as much time as he can with me either on the range or on the golf course taking me as a first year player to starting on varsity as a freshman. He is not only a great coach but a great person who has showed me all of the different aspects of golf whether it be him taking the time to make a set a golf clubs with the same swing weight and how much little things that go into every club or just going to the range fixing my swing in seconds, and most importantly showed me how much fun the game of golf is. He is the best coach that you can ever ask for and is the only person that I will trust to try to take my game to the next level.

Don’t go to Carl’s or Dick’s

Adam San Juan
Chicago, Illinois
for: Coaching

Been working with Mark since January 2020. Handicap just north of 18. Honest instruction and updated gear got me down to just south of 10 about eight months later. Stopped taking 6 foot putting "gimmees" and realized that I'm actually just south of 12 which is where I stand today. Now working with Mark on my short game which is where he's at his best.

So five characteristics of who works best with Mark:
1. You're a member of a golf club and your club pro is an idiot.
2. You've been fitted for clubs by a 16-year old at Carl's or Dick's and you bought what he was selling.
3. All the YouTube videos you've been watching don't work (that's like trying to learn karate out of a book, sucks).
4. You're serious about improving.
5. You're willing to leave your ego at the door (hardest part for me).

Two additional benefits of working with Mark.
1. My golf IQ is much better (man, I was dumb).
2. We've put together several shortgame clinics/events focusing on expanding my professional relationship base and every event has been well received. Unique experience + great golf instruction with the right audience = happy sales manager.

Swing Confidence Restored

Mark Sykes
Warde, MI
for: a Club and Swing Assessment

I have taken lessons from others but I feel that the training sessions that I had with Mark were by far better for improving my swing than the others.  He is very knowledgeable as most pros are but maybe it is how he explained things that helped me learn and correct some bad swing habits.  He also installed new shafts in my irons, they are perfect and my scores this year are proof that he knows his stuff and the days of not knowing what golf swing I might have when I show up at the course are over. The confidence I have in my swing has been restored. Thank you  

Game changing

John Wadd
Marysville, MI
for: a Club and Swing Assessment

I met with Mark to get fitted for new shafts. In a matter of minutes he told me exactly what my tendencies were and showed me how to add distance and fix my miss. 
We didn’t analyze numbers, we looked at ball flight and contact. Our sessions were a lot of fun and as a result I upgraded my 20 year old stock  MP33 irons to a custom built set of Miura irons. I’m 2 clubs longer with less effort and my scores are showing it. So far my low this season is 67

the man knows what he’s talking about and his knowledge of golf shafts is second to none. Ask him about Kinetix. 

thanks for everything Coach

Best in the biz

Mike Daines
Billings, Montana
for: a Club and Swing Assessment

I have pieced together my entire golf set through Mark over the past two years. His knowledge of the game and the time he takes to make sure your fit into the right equipment is next to none. Easy to work with, quick communicator and always wants to help you get better. Highly recommend using his services 

club fitting

Oxford, MI
for: a Club and Swing Assessment

Mark does a good job getting people in the right equipment by taking the time to analyze your swing, and ball flight.  I know it sounds easy but when you go to Carls its hard to hit more than 3 clubs and have someone actually pay attention to your data because they are so busy.  


Pete Maltese
Shelby Township, MI
for: a Club and Swing Assessment

Mark was very informative. As a new golfer I knew nothing about golf. During my club and swing assessment Mark taught me a lot about golf equipment and golf swing techniques. I love my new golf clubs and I recommend Mark Levesque to everyone. 

I’m Back!

G Johnson
Lake Orion, MI
for: a Club and Swing Assessment

I thought my game was slowing down because I’m getting older. With just a few tips from Mark, I’m getting my distance back. Even better, I’m more excited about the game than ever before. 
He brought clarity to my swing and  removed  the confusion from my golf bag.

I can’t wait to play again! 

Very Knowledgeable

Oxford, MI
for: Coaching

Mark knows the game very well and is great at teaching the swing while making it enjoyable!    And if your in the market for getting custom fitted clubs to your swing I would also highly recommend.  

Thank you Parfit Golf

Michael Wojcik
Shelby Township, MI
for: Coaching

Mark is extremely knowledgeable, personable and patient in his approach to helping you improve your golf game. Not only from helping improve your swing technique, but also in helping fitting and choosing clubs that are right for you. Golfers of all skill levels can benefit from the right equipment, practice and a GOOD COACH!

My Golf has never been better!

Greg harmon
North Branch, MI
for: Coaching

Mark turned my golf game around along with his expertise in equipment went from a 10 handicap to a 4

This test

Detroit, MI
for: Coaching

Thank you Mark