Golf Clinics

We help your company provide a fun, innovative and hands on learning experience with our corporate golf clinics. We'll introduce a new way for you to connect with your company internally or nurture relationships with existing clients.


We'll coordinate with you to organize an amazing corporate rather for your organization or your clients on your behalf. We'll put together something special that far exceeds the typical corporate luncheon where most, show up to eat exchange business cards leave without have had any meaningful interaction.

Although our clinics are geared towards golf education, the byproduct of these gatherings are great conversations in an open atmosphere. We've found in a relaxed environment; peoples guards are way down and open to talk on a more casual level.

All of the group clinics that we've organized have ignited new relationships with new clients, boosted company moral and better, improved their golf game.


The Michigan brand of Ameritas Holding Company organized an outing for their clients. An afternoon with lunch and golf was an invaluable experience to foster their clients in a fun, personal environment.


We can tailor the perfect golf clinic experience for your company and clients. The length of our clinics can range from 3-4 to an entire eventful day. Clinics can include: breakfast, lunch, dinner, cocktail party, the clinic experience and one-on-one instruction within the group.

We currently host the majority of our clinics at Metamora Golf & Country Club in Metamora, MI. However, we can organize anywhere in the United States.


When 65% of the shots that you take are within 100 yards of the green, we often ask our clients why they think most people spend 75% of their time on the range with driver, woods and long irons. This clinic is an absolute game charger! We will demonstrate and teach your group the shots that really make a difference to your score.


We will create a customized lesson program to take your game to the next level. We can guarantee your success as long as you trust the process and are committed to improving. We will schedule playing lessons on the the course to instruct you how to manage the course. We will also schedule time on the range to practice and improve your golf swing. We will cover all aspects of your golf game to ensure best improvement possible.



We know everyone loves to bomb the ball down the fairway, it's a great feeling. Do you know what's better than a 300 yard drive? Hitting the fairway consistently. The game of golf is played on 18 holes, not just one. Driving consistency is a different type of long, it's a tool to get you in the best possible position for your next show. Our driving clinic will teach your group the proper setup and how to hit longer, more consistent drives.

We will share with your group the secrets of how tour players hit the ball long distances.