It has taken me much too long to realize how much time I have wasted going to Dicks, Carl’s and even Club Champion. Here are some examples of wrong fittings from these so called Specialist ! Can you imagine a 46 inch driver, irons that where 3 degrees off and redoing shafts that added to my golf issues. I meet Mark years ago through a company golf outing. Later that year we played a round of golf with another business associate. After playing a few holes Mark told me I had a LOFT problem, not knowing his sense of humor. Was my swing to steep or too flat? Eager for the answer, Mark replied ” Lack Of F&$!#%g Talent. I still didn’t fully understand how good he is at what he does. Over the years reading too many golf magazines, buying golf CD’s, going to the so called Pro’s at the above mentioned stores. Save your money, spend it with Mark and your game will improve. I’m 71 now, I score in the low 80’s for 18 and high 30’s for 9 holes. Still play from the whites, occasionally from the blues, never the gold. Enjoy the game don’t make it like work.