Golf Coaching

One-on-One professional coaching, guaranteed to bring your handicap down. We will cover every aspect of the game from your equipment, set-up, swing, course management and more.

Playing the Best Golf of Your Life

Having a great golf game can be integral to so many facets of both your personal and profession life, your self-esteem and mostly being able to play the sport you love better than you thought possible.

We're here to bring your closer to your goals of understanding your equipment, consistently hitting the fairways, playing the best short game and mastering the course.

We can only help those who are fully committed to playing their best, period. Our coaching takes place over a few months to get everything aligned. Our goal is get you playing great and keep you playing great. Once or twice a month, we regroup, reanalyze and continue to fine tune your skills.

    Full Golf Bag Audit

    Before we even look at your swing, we will do a close inspection of your bag to see if your clubs are fit properly; shaft flex and lengths, grip size, lie angle. There are many key indicators of your games health we can identify during a club inspection.

    It is impossible to teach someone how to play better if their clubs don't fit.

    Golf Coaching
  • Swing

    How You're Hitting the Ball

    When we first review how our clients are hitting the ball, we start off with a four point observation that we call, G.S.A.P. (Grip, Setup, Alignment & Posture). We observe how they fare with simple chipping and pitching shots. Over the years, we've been able to ascertain a lot of information about the players ability through their short game.

    Golf Coaching

    On and Off Course Training

    We will create a customized lesson program to take your game to the next level. We can guarantee your success as long as you trust the process and are committed to improving. We will schedule playing lessons on the the course to instruct you how to manage the course. We will also schedule time on the range to practice and improve your golf swing. We will cover all aspects of your golf game to ensure best improvement possible.

    Golf Coaching

    Customized Success Plan

    We will offer recommendation on how to improve what's in your bag. This may include, changing out grips for the appropriate size, re-shafting your clubs with a more appropriate length & flex, switching out irons for utility clubs. We are partnered with great club manufacturers and can have a clubs made that fit perfectly. However, we've found that 75% of amateurs play with shafts that are beyond their ability to hit and a shaft replacement can solve many problems.

    Golf Coaching

We'll not only show you how to hit the ball like a tour player; we'll educate you about every aspect of the game, from every shot you'll hit to complete course confidence.

Golf coaching bridges the gap between hitting practice shots on the range and actually improving your game on the course.