Cam Skiba
Lake Orion, Michigan

I had quite a few issues in my swing while being a solid 10 handicap. I had learned to adapt to my swing until Mark came over to help me out. The stuff he showed me is the process just blew my mind how deep into a golf swing you can go for the best outcome possible. I also got a club fitting from mark since I have never had clubs fit to my swing since I load a shaft a little too much for a standard club. Overall the experience was amazing and Mark is an awesome person who has a great expansion of knowledge to add to your golf world. And please everyone who reads this: DO NOT go to Carl’s golfland, miles of golf, club champion, dicks sporting goods, or any other place to get fitted because it’s just highway robbery. I have experienced it too many times and I take my friends who got messed up by those companies and skinned for a ton of money to Mark and they say they have never been happier with their clubs fitted the correct way! Thanks to Mark for being the offspring of the golf gods (Mark you know what I mean)

Re: Coaching, Club and Swing Assessment